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AI-driven, personalised, and distraction-free Crypto News - CoinBlick announces iOS Version 1

2019-10-04 Faris Brniannouncements

With the launch of the CoinBlick iOS Version 1.0.0, you get access to a beautifully designed, personalized and distraction-free Crypto News App. 🎉

CoinBlick Launch Rocket Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

As of today, I’m very happy to announce that the CoinBlick iOS Version is released. CoinBlick (Blick = View in German) is a news-focused mobile Crypto App. With the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we enable readers to focus on the most important Crypto News of the day. Therefore we analyze over 30 crypto news sites, 500+ twitter profiles, and 300+ subreddits daily to summarize the most important things for you in a digestible way. This all is provided in a beautifully designed User Experience with a distraction-free reading mode.

Why yet another Crypto News Aggregator

You could ask now why is there a need for yet another aggregator. Well, when I started working on CoinBlick mid-2018, there have been some websites providing such a service. The most outstanding one is CryptoPanic which was one of the websites I was using to digest all the Crypto News coming in daily. There were two things that didn’t make the experience that outstanding with the most important argument, that the user experience was lacking and there was no native mobile version.

CoinBlick Dark Themes The Night mode helps you to focus and increases readability. In addition to that there are two other themes Night Blue and Day.

With all that in mind, I started working on CoinBlick. Since I’m a software engineer I knew how to build an app and make its infrastructure production grade. What I did not know is how long it would take and how many product iterations I will need to bring it to a state I’m enjoying it. In the end, it took me 6 months, some headaches and a lot of sleepless nights to come up with a first testable version of the CoinBlick App. After some polishing on the App, the user experience and the backend another 3 months passed until release.

What comes next?

The next step is definitely to build a community. I’m constantly posting the most important product updates and Crypto News on the CoinBlick Twitter Profile. Follow me to read 🔥HOT news during the day. Once a day I also post the 🚀 Most Trending Article.

Download CoinBlick for iOS now and get distraction-free aggregated Crypto News:

Furthermore, I’m already working on the CoinBlick Android version. The estimated time of the launch will be Q2 this year. You can sign up to get notified on the CoinBlick website. Besides the CoinBlick features already released, the backlog for new features is already being filled. I would still like to give you the opportunity to tell me what I should work next on. Please write your comment bellow. 👇👇👇